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Believer of People First

Cuesense is a boutique consulting firm supporting young Startups and SME's shaping their Talent strategy to the ever changing business context without disrupting their equilibrium.  As a Consultant and Full time HR Head in various Companies, I have successfully led HR digital transformation projects, delivered high value to the business scaling headcount at velocity, building high performance teams and creating a strong performance driven Culture.


20+ years of industry experience working with the talent market in Hiring & Retention, Compensation, Benefits, Policies & Processes administration, ESOP framework , Leadership Development, Employee Experiences, Performance Management & Work place Culture has helped me in design and execute competitive People Framework & Strategy for different Organisations. 

Thriving Principles:  I am a firm believer of 'people first' and for sustainable growth, Culture is the most powerful and strong force that glues all of it together. Business is always a consequence of good people, right product - market fit, and great execution, in that order. In the end, employees will remember you for their success and how you made them feel.  I am always excited to create powerful success  stories for people for a thriving culture. 


Let's talk if you resonate. 

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