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I am a Talent & Culture specialist with 20 years industry experience supporting all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to mid sized and large firms in delivering lasting changes with measurable growth. During my stints, have enabled Organisations change, achieve their vision and optimise performance and productivity through industry best practices. In my Head - HR role in multiple Companies and Consulting engagements, have led teams and scaled Companies from 0-2000 employees.

Started Cuesense in 2011 as a boutique consulting firm with the intent of helping Companies become great people Organisations. Successfully completed 15+ consulting engagements and have delivered world class employee play books, onboarded fantastic teams, built great places to work and had the opportunity to work with brilliant minds. 


Thought leadership, execution excellence and a data driven mindset is my work-in-progress capability. To make great people ideas happen, I get out of my job description, declutter and simplify problem statements. Balancing parenting, work, fitness and outdoor adventures has been a learning process and has helped me become a better professional. I am always excited to create powerful stories, great cultures and workplaces. Let's talk if you are creating one. 

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