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Personal Desk

Building culture on day zero

Client: Series A funded Neo bank. 

Challenge: Setting the tone of culture from day zero before the teams were hired.


The Co-founders were very passionate about building a people first culture and a great place to work.  Simply put, Culture is what people do and don't do. Next 8 months we spent time in designing & implementing a Culture playbook, weaving it in every people aspect in the Organisation. All the policies, processes, employee programs including the office space was designed keeping people at the centre of everything. The playbook had rituals and habits around the core values, behaviours that demonstrated the values and initiatives that reinforced the culture tenets. Setting the tone at the start helped hire the right folks, walk the talk and create an inclusive culture. 

Change Management

Client: A leading global IT services Company offering cloud applications for marine, energy and fuel industries.

Challenge: Assessing capabilities for leading the new product vision.


The Company was creating a sniper team to lead their new product vision. This required identifying the snipers, mapping the competencies and creating a success profile. We identified 30 global roles and talked to the people in those roles creating a cluster of their current capabilities. In 3 months we arrived at new set of core competencies for the Company, a Competency framework with a competency dictionary, and a Talent Capability and Assessment Model integrated with solutions for hiring, performance and career development. The model was rolled out in the next 3 months, trained the entire Leadership team on the talent assessment through an Assessment centre format. This project won the town hall award for the Human Resources team that year.  Write in to know more about this absolute discovery-led-transformation project.

Building founding teams

Client: Series A funded health tech start-up

Challenge: Early stage hiring and HR set up.


Company's vision was to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible for over a billion+ Indians through its product platform. The Co-founders wanted to build a mission driven team to meet their aggressive expansion plans in India and international markets. Challenge was to get the right founding team who are equally passionate and aligned to the vision of the Company. May seem a simple problem statement, but it is the hardest to build a great team in its early stage. We spent time streamlining the interview process and created an interview playbook to get the right mix of skills and attributes. With growing team size, HR became important and we rolled out on a HR starter kit to manage the employee life cycle.  

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