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Play books are a set of guidelines, strategy and approach that Companies can use to manage an employee's life cycle. When done right, can bring huge success stories for the Companies.  


The first 20-30 hires the Founder(s)  on board are the early teams who come with expertise in Product, Tech & Business operation capabilities. 90% of the Companies achieve their vision and mission with great founding teams.  In a competitive market, the major differentiator that will mark the success and growth of a Company is the first set of hires. They are the believers of your vision, stick with you in your highs and lows and set the tone of your Company Culture. They play different roles as hustlers, hackers and advocates.  It is your sniper team with complementary skills and are defined by their attitude and grit.  The ratio of hustlers, advocates & hackers in early & growth stage Companies depends upon the business priority. The process of hiring your first team is an insightful experience. Interested to know how to get it right, download  the playbook. 


Culture is not about a yoga day at work or having a game room in office. Those are perks. The true acts of behaviour is culture.​ The definition of culture is murky at times and has changed over years. What remains constant is the micro behaviours embedded within an Organisation. They get reinforced through the actions of the Leaders and Employees. If you are looking to establish a high performance culture, then it is important to embed the right behaviour patterns with clear priorities and call out what is not acceptable. If employees are aligned, you will see high engagement. The dot connecting culture with performance is this engagement quotient. As Leaders if you invest 80% of your time in constructing this quotient, you are on your way to build a high performance team. Download the playbook to know more.

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